Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Angus Trim Store

I own a few Angus Trim swords and really like them for the price. They're not the most historically accurate (threaded pommel nut) nor the most fantastically beautiful (machining marks in the fuller).

However, if you want a an affordable real-feeling (heck, I've heard Ewart Oakeshott owned one) medieval sword which isn't made in India or China - and in swords that's pretty important because bad heat treating can literally kill the user - then there's nothing better.

The one massive, huge, gigantic downside to Trim's swords is the simple fact that his deadlines and ETAs mean nothing. Expect your sword to be late. I've known people who waited 3 years on a sword that was supposed to be at their doorstep in a few weeks. In any other industry that would be the end of your career but... this is a weird industry and Angus does do good work when he isn't swamped with orders.

Well, Tried & True Armory recently opened their cyber doors and they deal exclusively in Angus Trim swords. The cool part is they actually have swords in stock, cancelling out the worries I mentioned earlier about waiting times. That's www.triedandtruearmory.com.

Note that this isn't the 'Angus Trim by Valiant Armory' stuff - which I take to be similar to the 'Tinker Pearce by CAS Ibera/Hanwei stuff, imports with a well-known smiths name on them. This is real Angus Trim stuff.

This is the first time in a long time actual pictures, model numbers, etc have been online from Angus, who used to be a very frequent personality on the various sword-related forums (MyArmoury.com, Sword Forum International, etc.) then sort of disappeared. While their selection is growing very slowly, I can't help but feel get some nostalgic All Saints Blades and Angus Trim Direct vibes (in a good way). Hopefully they stick around longer than their ill-fated predecessors.

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